The Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC) is a survey measuring skills in literacy, numeracy and problem solving among the adult population. Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Latvia form the Nordic-Baltic PIAAC network. The Nordic and Baltic countries cooperate regarding the implementation of PIAAC in the Nordic-Baltic countries. Moreover, the objectives of the network are to publish analyses based on PIAAC data from the Nordic and Baltic countries, thereby increasing awareness of results, to increase the use of combined PIAAC and register data and facilitate access to data for research purposes.

The following activities are planned for the coming years:


In 2022, the network plans to publish an article based on data from PIAAC cycle 1 merged with registry information. The aim of this article is to have a longitudinal follow-up of participants in PIAAC cycle 1.

In the period 2025 – 2026, the network will publish a number of thematic reports. The overall goal of these reports is to promote effectiveness and efficiency of labour market and educational policies in the Nordic and Baltic countries – in particular policies related to formal and informal adult training and education.


The network plans to arrange a Nordic-Baltic PIAAC conference in May 2026. At this conference, results from the thematic reports will be presented and the conference will highlight possible policy and practical implications of the PIAAC results and show how these results can contribute to new insights. The primary target groups for this conference are policy and other decision makers, social partners and professionals within the labour market and educational sectors, as well as researchers in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Integrated in this conference is a technical seminar directed to researchers on the use of PIAAC data.

Other communication activities

Another aim of the network is facilitating the use of combined PIAAC and register data for research in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The network will start the work during 2021 and 2022 with writing articles including information about combined PIAAC and register data available for research and statistical purposes. The purpose with this is to disseminate information through the website, thereby increasing the awareness and the knowledge about the rich possibilities to use combined PIAAC and register data.

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